Reason For Not Eating Out #58: To Rewrite the Dating "Rules"
What better opportunity to do something you love than a date?
Broccoli Cheddar Dumplings
It's the Year of the... Who Cares? It's time to make dumplings!
Ode to a Difficult Food: Black Radish
Black radishes, how do I love/hate you? Let us figure out the ways.
Stir-Fried Noodles with Winter Vegetables
The key to longevity or not, a pan-fried noodle dish is precursory on Chinese New Year.
Lemony Grits with Baby Carrots and Fried Sage
A wholesome, hearty veg take on shrimp ‘n grits.
Creamy Celery Root Salad with Red Pepper & Mustard
This preparation takes root (get it?) in traditional French and German cuisines.
Mushroom Soba with Miso-Braised Mustard Greens
Plant-based umami for cold winter nights.

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Reason For Not Eating Out #58: To Rewrite the Dating “Rules”
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The first rule of dating is that there are no rules. But hopefully you know that already. So why should you read this, from a person who probably knows less about the secrets to dating success than any given stranger on the subway? Because if you’re reading this, then you probably like to cook. And that in itself holds some powerful dating potential. Don’t you forget it. It’s all too... Read More

Savory Mushroom Tart (with a Cool Ranch Doritos Crust)
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Yeah, you heard right. We’re throwing out the pastry books and heading to the bodega—why? Because it was my friend Karol’s birthday last weekend. And—still—why? Because she requested specific foods for her potluck party menu, and one of them happened to be a mushroom tart. Another one was Cool Ranch Doritos. There’s nothing like a birthday wish from a dear friend to break you out of habit. Not that... Read More

Kale Salad with Garlicky Miso Lemon Dressing
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I really want to call this a vegan, miso-based “Caesar” salad, but know that the powers of food purism would call this foul. No, it doesn’t have Romaine lettuce nor egg yolk, nor anchovies nor parmesan—but it does have a punchy piquancy that I’d equate with that of the classic dressing we know and love. And it was inspired by Caesar (salads, nothing Roman to look at here)—which are nowadays... Read More

Split Pea Soup with Root Vegetables
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It wouldn’t really be a soup if it were only one ingredient, right? That’s the thinking behind this weekend concoction where I deposed my growing stash of random root vegetables into a not-strictly-root-vegetable soup. By definition, soup is a mingling of stuff in liquid form, often creating a harmony of flavors that tickle your tastebuds as it soothes your soul. So do your kitchen a cleaning with this approach to your... Read More

Pasta with Clams, Kale and Breadcrumbs
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“How do you cook clams?” is a question I’ve heard a lot from home cooks over the years so let’s get a few things straight: Clams are amongst the cheapest, tastiest, quickest- and easiest-to-cook seafood. They’re also resoundingly sustainable (you can do much worse with shrimp if you’re going the shellfish route). They help clean the ocean, they fortify us with minerals and omega-3’s, and they’re commonly found on restaurant plates. Especially with pasta. But you... Read More

Crab Cakes with Dill Mayo
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There are things that are good, and things that are really good. And for a New Year’s Eve party in the city, my friends and I have decided to go all-out really good with food. Dismayed that we didn’t find a house to rent upstate with a fireplace and enough beds for everyone, we threw in the towel searching on Airbnb and turned our attentions to throwing a really good... Read More

Baby Lion’s Head Meatballs with Braised Cabbage
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They’re made of pork, but these meatballs are nicknamed “Lion’s Head” in Shanghainese cuisine, because they’re usually made in gigantic proportions. Larger than a baseball, that is. But I was going to a holiday party — and I had just been to a holiday party — where bite-sized morsels were precursory. So I shrank the homestyle comfort food to size. That doesn’t mean they’re any less delicious, though. I was... Read More

What NOT to Give the Cook on Your List (2015 edition)
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It’s been a while since we’ve played Scrooge. In 2011, I compiled 10 things not to give the home cook for the holiday season. Last year, I offered 5 “alternative” gifts for them instead. But we’ll take it back to that curmudgeonly place where it all began, since there are always newfangled food toys coming from the North Pole (or Mount Sinai for Hanukkah Harry land). Ho, ho, Who got me... Read More