Guacamole à l'Obama
Well, he never claimed to be our Commander-in-Chef.
Taiwanese Street Food-Style Grilled Corn
Something to add to your global grilled corn cooking expertise (which might include the popular, lime and chile-spiked Mexican grilled corn)
Grilled Steak "Shoulder Bites" with Chimichurri
I’m not usually very vocal when it comes to sports. But I have been enjoying watching the World Cup lately.
Charred Green Bean and Summer Squash Salad with Torn Mozzarella
Maybe I still didn’t shake the grillmaster out of me, though, because my instinct for the green beans and summer squashes was to give them a nice, crisp, tasty char.
No-Pastry Quiche with a Bacon Crust and a Zucchini Crust
They say that real men don’t eat quiche. But would real men eat not-so-real quiche instead?
Shaved Asparagus and Radish Salad
When you have the freshest possible produce, the texture really shines and it becomes more than the sum of what’s on the plate.

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Guacamole à l’Obama
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It’s been a while since I’ve dedicated a recipe to our Commander-in-Chief. I figured it’s good timing, with the 4th of July upon us. But more importantly, because President Obama took a moment to Tweet about his guacamole persuasions on Wednesday. This was during a Twitter chat where Obama invited questions about healthcare with the hashtag #AskPOTUS, a very noble gesture. Then a Twitter user named @JGreenDC digressed by asking... Read More

Pasta with Kale and Beet Greens Pesto, Summer Squash, Sausage & Swiss Chard
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The season of summer CSAs has begun! This recipe’s title might sound slightly ridiculous, but then if you’ve just begun a summer CSA too, you will probably be able to relate. You’ve got greens coming out of your ears, and you need to find a use for them, quick. My friend Wen-Jay Ying, founder of Local Roots CSA once again put me up to the challenge: to cook everything... Read More

Pan-Roasted Monkfish with Spinach, Snap Peas and White Wine Sauce
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It’s true: Monkfish is one of the f’ugliest fish in the world. But you wouldn’t know it when it’s served to you. Or, when you buy some fresh fillets and pan-roast them just like any other fish, finishing them with a splash of white wine and butter mixed into the pan to drizzle on top. Yes, even when you’re actually cooking a raw thing to plated dish (in mere minutes... Read More

Chicken Salad with Tomato and Artichoke
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Sometimes you just need that combination of cool refreshment and savory satisfaction. I think that’s when chicken salad comes in handy. It’s a casual summer treat, but it usually only comes about once you’ve had your fill of both types of extremes—too many cold, vegetable-based meals one day, and a whip-cracking, bulldozing heavy meal with meats or poultry another. I guess what I’m saying is that leftover, roasted chicken salad with crisp vegetables... Read More

Shaved Asparagus and Radish Salad
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In a pinch, I’m a sucker for slicing ‘em up raw. No, not a raw foodist, and yes, hate it when restaurants charge $15 for a plate of a few slices of freshly shaved zucchini or mushrooms drowned in olive oil and call it something like “carpaccio” because I know they only sliced maybe a fifth of one zucchini or just one mushroom to make a whole plate of... Read More

Reason For Not Eating Out #56: Because You Can Cook Instead of Watch TV
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There’s been talk about how cooking is in the elites-only club. I’ve heard plenty of this sentiment anecdotally, and I’ve seen it expressed in so-called studies—especially since last fall, when a report was released that said cooking made women (yep, just women) more stressed out. These findings created a ripple of headlines in the news, prompting many to agree with said notion that cooking at home—at least nowadays—is usually reserved for the... Read More

Smoked Bluefish and Potato Salad
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There’s something so Nordically satisfying about this: boiled potatoes and smoked fish. Simple, but delish. Wholesome yet zesty, combined as one. Kind of like the Nordic pop princess, Robyn herself, whose beats I can’t resist bopping to, especially if I hear them on a car trip and my body is bored and just needs to move—a lot, and suddenly, thanks to her. It turns out that one of my best friend’s... Read More

Seared Scallops and Zucchini with Avocado
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Really, just those three things, plus salt, pepper, olive oil, and fresh lemon. High heat, maybe, is another equal player in this equation. Plus, that makes it all the faster to throw together. I was looking for something to really treat myself with this weekend (and coming off my $1.50 meal in the last post). I just didn’t expect that it would take so little effort, and time. When I saw... Read More