Reason For Not Eating Out #60: Solving the Puzzle of 'What If You Don't Have An Amazing Protein'?
It's easy to cook well when you have a great piece of protein. But when summer CSAs begin, you can do without.
Strawberry Toast with Farmer Cheese, Mint and Hot Honey
Make a toast to strawberry season.
Chilled Soba Noodles with Peanut Sauce & Shredded Chicken
A pantry staple-friendly quick meal for hot summer nights
Crispy-Roasted Asparagus With A Soft-Boiled Egg
How to make asparagus stalks golden-brown and crisp? The same way you do with Brussels sprouts.
Cavatelli with Cranberry Beans & Pea Shoots
Sweet pea shoots and simple beans for a savory spring pasta dish.
Breaded Fish Milanese with Flowering Greens
Slightly bitter spring flowering greens and bright lemon perk up a simple shallow-fried fish fillet.
Chickpea Tomato Stew with Grilled Flowering Greens
Blossoming greens aren't typically thought of as food, and scrupulous gardeners will trim flowers from plants to keep them focused on growing leaves and fruits. But sometimes not.
Strawberry Buckwheat Shortcake
An easy way to spice up a classic dessert.

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Reason For Not Eating Out #60: Solving the Puzzle of ‘What If You Don’t Have An Amazing Protein?’
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We live in blessed times. I mean, seasonally. It’s late-spring, and we have things popping out of plants that are incredible and edible (and not edible, but fragrantly incredible, like wild lilacs, too). I recently had the plum privilege of being a judge for a cookoff held by GrowNYC, where I got to observe the making of, taste the outcome of, and help decide the winner of two very... Read More

Strawberry Toast with Farmer Cheese, Mint & Hot Honey
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Here’s an ode to strawberries: Why have I seen you more often than not so tarted up—doused in granular glitter, softened to sweet paste, or masquerading as a flavor to something which you are not? This, my red friend, is ridicule. You’re too good for that; you have nothing to hide. Read More

Chilled Soba Noodles with Peanut Sauce and Shredded Chicken
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Summer comes as a sudden burst in New York City, a gushing declaration of heat, humidity and sun. Like a blast of fireworks or a Memorial Day hibachi grill, the heat is suddenly on for the long haul — no more stalling, sputtering, or beating around the bush. “Coffee” becomes cold brew; shoes become sandals; parties become barbecues; ramen becomes chilled noodles. This is science, and who am I to fight... Read More

Breaded Fish Milanese with Flowering Kale
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Breaded, frozen fish sticks were a fairly staple kids’ food in my time. (Are they still now?) Bland and inoffensive logs of cod, the ads for them always promised they’d be crispy, with an ethereal, ear-chattering canned crunch sound so elusive from any food, let alone fish. Short of this satisfaction, they always needed something — they needed some help — but I can recall only dipping the finger-shaped nuggets in... Read More

Rhubarb Compote and Yogurt Parfait
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This is something that I would eat every day if I could. But I can’t, because rhubarb is only around for such a short spell in spring. Isn’t that the law of scarcity, that you want something (only because?) there’s so little of it to go around? Read More

Crispy-Roasted Asparagus and A Soft-Boiled Egg
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Ever had a perfect Saturday where you did everything you had to do and still found time to do the fun things, too? Sometimes I compartmentalize my days into must-do’s and would-like-to’s: Responsibilities, commitments, eating, exercise, social events. One thing in that little list sits squarely in the middle—eating, because it can be taken both ways. If only doing laundry could moonlight as a recreational hobby. Read More

Reason For Not Eating Out #59: For Creativity’s Sake
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I have a friend who takes classes on just about everything and anything that’s interesting in the world. Bollywood funk dancing? Sign her up. Grown-up pottery workshops? Let’s make a date of it! she says. She’s a typical New Yorker, Type-A personality, where every learning opportunity is seized, and funneled into bonding sessions with good friends, new date persons, or chances to connect with strangers. In short, she is totally awesome and... Read More

Potato Salad with Pickled Ramps
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Hello, ramp season. You know, after the six or eight years that everyone’s gotten excited about the wild spring allium, I have to say I am a little over the phenomenon that is pearly-pink bulbs resting pretty at the ends of long, flowy, green shoots. Of course I’m not. But I may be over their smell. Having carried a bunch of ramps (purchased at Union Square Greenmarket this past beautiful Saturday)... Read More