Serious Salsas Win Big at SF Food Wars

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While stuffing tortilla chips into paper bags in preparation for the second-ever Salsa SF Food Wars last Sunday, a fellow volunteer wondered aloud whether many of the contestants would stick to making salsa, as the locals all know it. “Not pico de gallo,” she clarified. I had to squirm. As a New Yorker, I’m used to a chunky mixture of fresh tomatoes, onions, cilantro and peppers — pico de gallo — as the quintessential bowl of “salsa” at a barbecue. … Read More

The Great Hot Dog Cookoff Is This Saturday, and It Will Be Fun

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In my experience (and I’ve been to lots of them), local food cook-offs don’t get much better than this. Twenty-four obsessive people finagling over hot grills and their creative toppings/hot dog treatments, beer funneling into the audience from the kegs at Kelso Brewery, and 100% of the event’s proceeds being donated to the Food Bank For NYC… I’m not sure why this event is held only once a year, but it’s now in its sixth enactment, and bound to be … Read More

From Homeland to Heartland: Support Mumford Farms, A Documentary on Food

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There’s a lot of excitement in the city, but sometimes you have to step back from it for a while to see the big picture behind the Big Apple. That’s what happened to Anna Mumford, who’s working on a documentary film, Mumford Farms, now in its final leg of fundraising. After working tirelessly for various food justice causes and filming urban farms, local food advocates and events, she took a stint on her family’s farm in Indiana, and came back … Read More

Kheedim Oh Wants You to Kimchi Me!

We’ve all heard about kimchi and its intoxicating powers of addiction, but July 10th on Governor’s Island, get ready to become acquainted with the fermented vegetable in a major way. Kheedim Oh, founder of the small-batch artisanal Mama O’s Kimchi based in Queens, is holding a Kimchipalooza, which will take place as a highlight of CookOut NYC. Just say, yes, we kim!

Green Gazpacho (and a preview of the Feast of 61 Local Ingredients)

I’ll admit, I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed by all the greenery that’s coming in from my CSA — and growing on the roof. I hit a breaking point when my friend Wen-Jay (of Local Roots CSA) offered me some leftover stinging nettle from a pick-up day, and I found myself biking home with two swinging backs full of stinging weeds, wondering how I was going to stuff them in my fridge. I thought of buying a juicer — a … Read More

A Chat with Brewers PicNYC Founder, Jimmy Carbone

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Get pumped, New York City — picnic season has arrived! My favorite time of the year is finally here. And I can think of few better places to kick it off than at Governors Island. This weekend will mark the opening of the public park for 2011. For those not familiar with the island, it’s a scenic getaway in the middle of the Hudson River, a dot adjacent to Brooklyn’s Red Hook neighborhood. And in the past few years, it’s … Read More

Fried Fiddleheads, and Other “Sustainable Spring” Recipes From Bloggers Who Rock

Last week, I called upon food bloggers to enter a spring-themed recipe contest. Believe me, I could not have been more impressed by the posts that followed. True, there were only four but I’ve always thought that quality far trumps quantity — in recipes, in life, and in food blogging (and live cooking) contests, as it were. Congratulations to the following blogs who made do with spring ingredients in the following tasty tidbits. And see who won below!

TripHop Grapefruit IPA (and a recap of Beer For Beasts)

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We’re happy and hungover at Sixpoint and BeerAdvocate, and want to thank everyone who came out to our inaugural fundraiser event, Beer For Beasts, at the Bell House on Saturday. I had a fabulous time, and am eager to share a recipe for one beer I heard many compliments on… me and Robert’s Triphop Grapefruit IPA! But first, a quick recap of how the event went down:

Food Blogger Contest! Post a Spring Recipe to Win Classes at Ger-Nis

These past few warmer weeks, I haven’t been able to get the song, “Here Comes the Sun” out of my head. Spring means a lot of things to a lot of people, whether it’s cleaning or getting out of dodge with your “fling.” But to me it means a few things: asparagus, pea shoots, dandelion greens and a general presence of chlorophyll. Those are all just around the corner and coming to a Greenmarket soon. So in anticipation of that, … Read More

Kandake, the Queen of Beers

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photo by MHT What do figs, spice and everything malty and nice have to do with one another? They’re all ingredients of a specialty beer I helped brew this week, for Sixpoint and BeerAdvocate‘s Beer For Beasts festival. It’s an event we’ve been “brewing” up for a while, and the pieces are all coming together in the form of twenty-some unique, one-off beers that will be served for it. This is just one of those among the lineup, but an … Read More

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