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Dec 17th, 2013
Dec 10th, 2012
Jul 2nd, 2012
May 25th, 2012
Apr 23rd, 2012
Mar 19th, 2012
Feb 29th, 2012
Dec 13th, 2011
Nov 7th, 2011
Apr 27th, 2011
Mar 11th, 2011
Orange Rosemary Bundt Cake
Feb 25th, 2011
Red Bean Ice Cream
Jan 29th, 2011
Whole Wheat Peanut Butter Choc-Oat Chip Cookies
Dec 7th, 2010
Ginger Ice Cream with Candied Ginger Strips
Oct 22nd, 2010
Quince Cookies
Oct 12th, 2010
Apple Upside-Down Cake (in a fry pan!)
Oct 1st, 2010
Peanut Butter & Jelly Pie (at the Greenpoint Open Studios Benefit Pie Bake-Off)
Aug 24th, 2010
Plum & Apricot Pie
Dec 6th, 2009
Spiced Orange Ice Cream
Sep 9th, 2009
Sweet Corn and Honey Ice Cream
Jun 4th, 2009
Chocolate and Five-Star Anise Ice Cream
May 14th, 2009
Green Tea Coconut Mini Cupcakes (official losing entry of the Brooklyn Kitchen Cupcake Cook-Off)
May 8th, 2009
Curry Carrot Ice Cream
Mar 28th, 2009
Lemon Thyme Bars
Mar 14th, 2009
Mascarpone Ice Cream (and “Deconstructed Tiramisu”)
Feb 14th, 2009
Heart Attack! Red Velvet Cream Cheese Frosting and Green Tea Red Bean Paste Valentine Sandwich Cookies
Jan 26th, 2009
Apple Dumplings with Brown Sugar Rum Sauce
Jan 11th, 2009
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Dec 27th, 2008
Candied Sweet Potato Ricotta Tart
Dec 23rd, 2008
Cranberry Ginger Jam Thumbprints
Dec 15th, 2008
Chocolate Cupcakes with Bacon Cream Cheese Frosting
Oct 30th, 2008
Concord Grape Apple Pie
Oct 20th, 2008
Brown Butter Sage Apple Pie (and Enid’s Apple Pie Bake-Off recap)
Oct 16th, 2008
Chai Ice Cream
Sep 22nd, 2008
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough-Topped Cupcakes
Sep 15th, 2008
Fresh Watermelon Pie
Sep 7th, 2008
Peach Watermelon Sangria Sorbet
Aug 19th, 2008
Carrot Cake Ice Cream with Cream Cheese Sauce
Jul 31st, 2008
Banana Coconut Cornbread with Peach Compote
Jul 22nd, 2008
Fresh Fruit-Filled Ricotta Tarts
Jul 10th, 2008
Blueberry Heart Tarts (well, almost)
Jun 13th, 2008
Just-Like-the-Parlor Mint Chip Ice Cream
Apr 25th, 2008
Basil Lemon Ice Cream
Feb 3rd, 2008
Pain with Chocolate (and that’s not in French)
Dec 23rd, 2007
Honey-Cashew Fruit Crisps
Dec 3rd, 2007
Chunky Turtle Monkey Love Bars
Nov 24th, 2007
Cranberry Orange Mince Pie
Oct 22nd, 2007
Rum Butternut Ice Cream
Oct 6th, 2007
Mocha Frosting
Aug 15th, 2007
Mango Frozen Yogurt (and a discussion on theory vs. practice)
Jun 27th, 2007
Chilled Watermelon Coconut & Tapioca Soup
Jun 16th, 2007
Wintergreen Chip Ice Cream Cookiewiches
Jun 6th, 2007
Not Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie
May 28th, 2007
Cherry Rhubarb Pie
May 21st, 2007
Lychee Sorbet with Mint
Apr 14th, 2007
Fresh Coffee Premium Ice Cream
Mar 19th, 2007
Bourbon Sugar Cookie Crunch Ice Cream