Molten Chocolate Business

Warning: this post contains graphic images not suitable for children under 17 Who had time for Valentine’s Day in the middle of last week? Not I. I’m not the only person I know who’d opted to postpone Valentine’s Day to a more convenient night this year. But even though I had a long weekend, things kept popping up; people from out of town kept coming to town; there was nothing romantic about Chinese New Year; and then the whole thing … Read More

Sour Cream Banana Oatmeal Crunch Bread

The other day my co-workers and I polished this off so quickly that I didn’t even get to snag a picture of the thing. The problem was, I didn’t think to take a picture of it; it was unexpectedly good. So good. Good good good good good. And good for you. I had no such aspirations for it. I don’t recall ever trying to make banana bread before, and I have one highly underdeveloped sense of baking, as seen in … Read More

Mango Coconut Sticky Rice Dessert Cups

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Not only do I not know how to make desserts, but tonight I’m faced with the task of making dessert for a vegan friend of mine, who’s having me over for dinner with her boyfriend. I did some brief scouring of vegan dessert recipes online and decided pretty early on that instead of all that substituting eggs and milk business, I was going to make something involving coconut milk, and probably Thai. I’d originally thought of Chinese dim sum coconut … Read More

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