Bike to the Potluck!: A Q&A with Aaron and Robert of Bikeloc

I get off on people doing really bold, honest and active projects with the best of their integrity and muscle. When they happen to involve potlucks, bike riding and healthy, local food, I kind of go all apeshit with appreciation. So I’m very excited to share with you what Aaron Zueck and Robert DuBois are embarking on this summer. Bikeloc is what these two friends are calling their summer-long bike tour across America, in which they hope to connect with … Read More

Join Slow Food’s Time For Lunch Campaign and Eat In

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So, you’re wondering what to do this Labor Day. Bumming around town? Hitting the beach? Picnicking in the park? Wherever the venue, I’ve got the perfect activity for it. It’s a sleepy day for businesses anyway, so why not do as Slow Food USA is urging and Eat-In? That’s right, it’s a national call of not eating out… everywhere!

Scare Clare: The Potluck Photo Contest

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I was reading one of my favorite kill-time-with-funny blogs, Passive Aggressive Notes, today when I came across this post. For those not familiar with the blog, readers from all around can submit notes and other examples of passive aggressive (or just aggressive)-ness in action so that everyone can laugh at someone’s petty tyrancy. After the giggles had faded out, I couldn’t stop thinking about this one’s message: “If you can’t cook, don’t try.” I wonder how many people have thought … Read More