Flatbread with Ramps, Coconut Milk & Green Curry

Make no mistake: food is trend-oriented. Each region has its own fixations; we recycle them once they’re in season each year, and other times, toss them out to make way for newer trends. It’s a monkey-see, monkey-eat philosophy, and one thing that’s been made abundantly clear to me these past few years is that an unassuming, often-wild allium called ramps is definitely in, around here.

From pizza “d’oh!” to dough

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Fairly good dough, that is. And good for you, too, since it’s whole wheat. I have had many d’oh‘s when it came to pizza-making in the past. I’ve been a regular Homer Simpson at times. But I’ve gotten the hang of it, and when I put up this photo of a recent weekend lunch on my Flickr page, I got such a response from friends wanting to know more about it, especially the dough. So I thought it only right … Read More