Here’s Lookin’ At You Cook, Michael J. Cirino

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What’s more fun than cooking, learning and eating together spectacularly? If you’re someone like me, the answer is nothing. If you’re someone like Michael J. Cirino, founder of the educational workshop and supper club A Razor, A Shiny Knife – no wait, scratch that. There is no one on the planet like Michael J. Cirino. I guarantee you that.

Here’s Lookin’ at You Cook, Emily Farris

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Look, I tried to make this interview not come off so cheesy. I tried to avoid the corny jokes and snafu of food puns that riddled my last in-depth profile. But seeing as cheese and corn are both main ingredients of Emily’s signature “Seduction” Casserole, Mac and Corn 2.0, the conversation naturally veered off to the deliciously lighthearted. And that’s not such a bad way of describing her just-published cookbook, Casserole Crazy: Hot Stuff for Your Oven!.

It’s a Bodega Party in a Box! and chat with Kit Hodge, The Neighbors Project

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Here’s a project I’m truly proud to have my name attached to: The Neighbors Project. And the nifty new “Bodega Party in a Box” from the non-profit organization’s Food & Liquor store initiative, which aims to put more fresh produce on the shelves of corner stores (aka bodegas). Inside the box, there’s a cookbook filled with bodega-friendly recipes, tips and fun anecdotes from contributors (including the lovely Daisy Martinez, and yours truly) about their favorite bodegas, a silk-screened Baggu reusable … Read More

Matt Greco’s Pork Sage Sausage

I’m thinking it might be time to upgrade the ‘ol NEOINY hideaway with a Kitchenaid stand mixer, equipped with all the meat grinding attachment works. (I’m browsing them on Ebay right now.) The motivating factor is right above: luscious, freshly made, and deceptively simple sausages. Who knew that with the right tools, making sausage at home actually requires little time, prep work and just a few odd ingredients (i.e. hog casing and nitrate)? Matt Greco. A chef at Cafe Gray, … Read More

Here’s Lookin’ at You Cook, Scott Gold

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In my kitchen, no less! The author of the just-released manifesto for meat lovers, The Shameless Carnivore, Scott Gold paid a trip to my humble ‘hood this weekend for a rather labor-intensive interview. With three squabs in tow, he test-drove a recipe for pigeon pot pie that he’s contributing to a certain casserole cookbook. (These profiles just keep getting better — pretty soon I’m going to have all subjects air-mail me samples of their cooking before we begin. Kidding.)

The Chowder Surfer in the Rye: Cooking with Ben Sargent

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It’s November and the end of the warm water surf season, that is, to New York-based surfers like Ben Sargent. To the rest of us average human omnivores with tastebuds that signal richness, warmth, nostalgia and most of all deliciousness, however, it is most certainly the beginning of chowder season. Fortunately for us, Brooklyn’s own Chowder Surfer is here to share both of these high seasons all year ’round. Ben Sargent, self-taught chef, former proprietor of New York’s surf bar … Read More

Here’s Lookin’ at You Cook: Jenni Ferrari-Adler

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Hey there, lonely cooks: It’s our time to shine. Today, Riverhead releases the anthology, Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant: Confessions of Cooking for One and Dining Alone, edited by Jenni Ferrari-Adler. Judging from its impressive collection of witty, confessional and highly entertaining stories, the kitchen may just be today’s literary equivalent of what the bedroom was in the 1970’s.

Here’s Lookin’ at You Cook: Arthur Schwartz

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the cheese blintzes recipe test-drive: practicing and making perfect so that you (hopefully) won’t have to I’m ecstatic to pick the brain of veteran food critic, cookbook author and food history maven, Arthur Schwartz in this installment of Here’s Lookin’ at You Cook. The Brooklyn-born, bred and based author is not short on answers to all inquiries food-related, having authored books like, “What To Cook When You Think There’s Nothing in the House To Eat” and, most recently, “New York … Read More

Not Ready to Make Rice Yet: Q&A with an avid not-home cooker

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Gosh, this blog can be so one-sided. How sick are you of hearing nonstop touting of the institution of cooking and eating in? Sometimes even I am. Which is why I decided to have a chat on the topic with my good friend Jordan, who once confessed to me a few months after moving into her Brooklyn apartment that she had never “even heated anything up” in it. Since I’ve surrounded myself with so many incredible foodies and home chefs … Read More

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