Here’s Lookin’ at You Cook: Michael Manning

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Maybe “cook” isn’t the right word in this case. This is a truly special installment of Here’s Lookin’ at You Cook (albeit my second), one of a New York exile. As long as I’ve known him (since his jew-fro-sporting high school days), Michael Manning has been a connoisseur of all things delicious. After living in Manhattan for a few years working for NBC, Manning surprised us by doing something that we all should have done: he took an English teaching … Read More

The Brooklyn Kitchen takes apart de-boning a turkey

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For any of you foodies living in or around Williamsburg, Brooklyn, there’s finally a place where you can go and everybody knows your name. No, it’s not a bar, it’s a kitchenware and specialty foods shop called The Brooklyn Kitchen. I had the pleasure of watching the shop’s first gathering this evening on “A Different Way to Bird”: how to de-bone a turkey, just in time for Thanksgiving. I’ve noticed in magazines and cooking shows how popular this method has … Read More

Here’s Lookin’ at You Cook: Bob McClure

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For my first Here’s Lookin’ at You Cook profile I had the lucky opportunity of dining with the multi-talented actor, writer, and home chef Bob McClure. You might recognize him from the critically acclaimed online TV show, The Burg, but you might be even more interested in his critically acclaimed family-owned pickle line, McClure’s Pickles. The kitchen of the well lived-in Williamsburg apartment that Bob shares with a roommate has all the tell-tale signs of tinkering: food processors and blenders … Read More

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