The Craziest of Kitchen Gadgets Go to Task: Blogging Event Round-Up

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Oh, to the joys of toys. And to learning something new every day. Let me back up a moment. When I purchased an antique Chinese cookie mold in a curiosity store a month or so back, I thought that the thing itself was so beautiful and ornate that it would engender the most incredible spawn in the form of cookies fit for an emperor. Well, it didn’t turn out to be quite the easy process, but in the end (and … Read More

Rebirthing Brillat-Savarin

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What a week it’s been. Working and barely playing when it’s nice out for me always adds up to a slow way to count the weekdays. But luckily, a blissful way to end it came in the form of the second Foodie Book Club meeting at The Brooklyn Kitchen, where we tried to speak intelligently about Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin‘s bible of epicurean philosophy, The Physiology of Taste, as translated and annotated by America’s pioneering gastronome, M.F.K. Fisher. (It is a … Read More

Last Chance to Submit Recipes for That Crazy Kitchen Gadget

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Calling all food gadgety guys and gals: This weekend, sharpen up those electric knives or butter up your confusing cake pan and make something for That Crazy Kitchen Gadget. We’ll have a grand old time admiring the bounty of these gadgets when I post a round-up in early August. Details at the link above!

That Crazy Kitchen Gadget

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Announcing the first one-off food blogging event on Not Eating Out in New York: That Crazy Kitchen Gadget. Rules are simple: 1. Identify your crazy, obscure, mysterious, ineffective, obsolete or completely awesome kitchen gadget and remember to photograph it or at least describe it well in your post. 2. Cook a dish using the same crazy kitchen gadget. Provide recipe and photographs in your post. Remember to mention the name of this contest and blog in your post, and link … Read More

Chili Champs

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the tasting frenzy at Mo Pitkin’s left no chili standing For those of you who weren’t sweating over styrofoam cups of chili at the Manhattan Chili Takedown 2007 yesterday, I was there; and I survive to tell you of the glory that went down.

I Cracked Peppercorn (and does anyone care?)

Being the breadwinner, they say, isn’t always fun. I can think of one exception, however, where that’s pure pish posh: winning the No-Knead Bread-Off at The Brooklyn Kitchen. Alright, I tied for best bread in show, beating out three of the five different loaves made by locals who each took twists on the no-knead bread recipe-turned national bread craze created by Jim Lahey of Sullivan St. Bakery.

Five Things You Didn’t (Want to) Know About Me

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Vanessa, keeper of the wonderfully inventive veggie recipe vault Vanesscipes, gamely tagged me in blog tag: the Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me series. As if I didn’t already share too many stupid facts about myself on this site, allow me to dispel a number of things that you may or may not (want to) know about me, your not-so-humble blog writer person.

Camaje Cooking Class: A Taste of Thai

As a Christmas gift, I was given a one-night class at Camaje cooking classes. The course for the evening at the West Village French bistro that my benefactor chose to enroll me in was “A Taste of Thai.” This was the first cooking class I had taken since seventh grade home economics, and I couldn’t wait.

McClure’s Pickles Launch Party

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NYC foodies! What have you got to do this Friday after sleeping off your turkey stupor and shopping ’til you drop? Spicy garlic dill pickles, picklemartinis, kick ass music, and good ol’ bar drinking might be just the weekend wake-up call. What’s more, the McClure’s Pickles cukes are all primed and prepped for the holiday season, at their most delectable after a 3-month steep. I’d go to this if I weren’t in upstate New York visiting my 93-year-old grandfather and … Read More

NYC Pickle Day is Not Eating Out

On Sunday, the lampposts were decorated with green balloons along Orchard Street in the Lower East Side. Down a few narrow blocks to Guss’ corner deli, a neighborhood landmark pickle maker, and the garlicky brines of some dozen pickle makers’ tents filled the air of the dank, congested streets. It was a beautiful day in the city.

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