Have Multiracial Crew, Will Travel

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Why isn’t there a recap and recipe from Saturday’s ridiculously delicious Greenmarket fundraiser cassoulet cook-off yet? It’ll be coming up soon, and thanks to everyone who came to support the Greenmarket and, of course, cassoulet. But it’s because I’m in DC right now. I fought travel delays and packed plenty of layers (and food, but we’ll get to that in a moment) to come here for the biggest inauguration ceremony of all time. Yes, we can!

I came because my friend and chef, supper club co-cook, food stylist, fellow half-Asian and now food blogger, Akiko, asked me to help prepare a dinner for a documentary project on multiracialism by a group of filmmakers called Gen O. To celebrate Obama’s swearing in, they’re following a handful of mixed-race young people of various backgrounds who are going to DC for the festivities. Together, we’ll enjoy a home-cooked feast of cross-cultural foods like Spam sushi, and new dishes inspired by places Obama has lived, like Bali Cream Pie.

I’ll be writing more on this, as well as the tasty dinner recipes, here and on the Huffington Post once it’s sunk in and has had some time to settle. For now, I’m preparing for the bitter 15-degree winds tomorrow on the mall. Hope everyone enjoys this historic inauguration wherever you may be, whether it’s your cozy couch or at a rousing SuperBowl-like party.

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  1. Jenna

    I’m so jealous!

    btw… As another person who grew up in Hawaii, Musubi is more like a spam onigiri than a spam “sushi”. That term really causes me to wince, because it doesn’t have much in common w/ what we typically think sushi is, and is more like a rice ball filled w/ spam. They are so so ono (delicious in Hawaiian)!

  2. Teresa

    How cool that there was something to celebrate mixed race people and multiculturalism for the inauguration. Lucky you that you got to attend the festivities!

  3. Perr

    Funny one, I guess I have to do some travel then!

  4. Scotty

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