The Takedown Tackles Tofu

Nobody was to-fooled by what was in their food Sunday at the Highline Ballroom: it was the first-ever Tofu Takedown. As an antidote to last month’s Bacon Takedown, Matt Timms turned his popular Takedown series upside-down by taking on that versatile and very un-carnivoric delight. Tofu, in all forms, firmnesses and flavors found their way into the contestants’ 17 unique dishes. And as one half of the lucky (“celebrity“?) judging squad (the other half being my half-Asian sista, Akiko), I … Read More

Have Multiracial Crew, Will Travel

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Why isn’t there a recap and recipe from Saturday’s ridiculously delicious Greenmarket fundraiser cassoulet cook-off yet? It’ll be coming up soon, and thanks to everyone who came to support the Greenmarket and, of course, cassoulet. But it’s because I’m in DC right now. I fought travel delays and packed plenty of layers (and food, but we’ll get to that in a moment) to come here for the biggest inauguration ceremony of all time. Yes, we can!