Win Two Seats to Dinner with Mealku This Friday

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It’s time for a little giveaway! This Friday night, the new home-cooked food sharing cooperative, Mealku, will be hosting a dinner party in their Tribeca headquarters loft. The ingredients will be sourced by Local Roots CSA, to celebrate the harvest season at nearby farms. In keeping with the tradition of both CSAs and Mealku, the meal will be prepared by real people (the founders and pretty good cooks at Mealku, to be exact). They’d like to extend the invitation to four more guests not already in their network — and that can be you.

Last week, I had the pleasure of chatting with the founder of Mealku, a very promising and passionate start-up. The concept is simple: it’s a food swap, essentially, where members can make a big batch of their favorite dish one day and have some of it delivered to others by a bicycle fleet. Another day, they can choose to order a delicious-sounding meal cooked by another member, and have it delivered to them. The food is free, but there’s a small delivery fee when you get a meal delivered to you. You can pick whichever meal and whichever cook you want to order from on the website, and earn kudos when someone enjoys one of your meals.

This dinner party doesn’t happen like that; it’s just a cozy, sit-down dinner with four courses of great food thanks to my good pal Wen-Jay Ying, founder of Local Roots CSA. I bumped into her at the Greenmarket yesterday as we were shopping at Rogowski’s farm stand, which is one of the farms she sources her CSA packages from. She told me a bit more about the dinner, and although I sadly won’t be able to attend, we thought it would be fun if some of you local readers out there would.

So learn more about both Local Roots CSA and Mealku at this meal on Friday, by winning two tickets right now! This giveaway is pretty easy: tell us what your favorite thing to cook for a party is. The first two people to comment with said description will win two tickets to the dinner with Mealku (see more details here). Sorry to those not living in NYC! Remember, if you’re one of the first two to comment here, you will get emailed to confirm your two free tickets to this dinner on Friday night. But, please feel free to chime in in any case on what makes a great home-cooked dinner party dish. We’d love to hear!

10 Responses

  1. Hannah

    I like to bring a pie or bottle up a special cocktail.

  2. Hannah

    If I’m hosting, I like to grill a fish, or braise something.

  3. Noah

    I usually bring a good salad. Tuna nicoise is usually a big hit.

  4. Nate

    I like to make bo ssam! Or Sichuanese food.

  5. Cathy Erway

    This altogether sounds like a great party: bo ssam, grilled fish, tuna nicoise salad and pie. And Sichuan food! Congrats to Hannah and Noah for snagging the tickets and here’s to more good food gatherings!

  6. CheckMaid

    We wouldn’t mind giving away some free stuff at We also don’t mind winning some free dinner too (:

  7. Peggy Polaneczky

    I like to bring dessert. Probably the most raves have come when I bring this European apple torte-

    Thanks for hosting this contest.


  8. Sofia

    Salad russian style salad with beets.

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  10. ExactlyMaid

    I’ll bring the wine! Nothing better than winning a free meal, except maybe winning free maid service!

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