Plum Perfect: Share Your Favorite Shots on Capture

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The sugar plum fairy has certainly arrived for the season, and I’ve been eyeing so many types of plums at the markets lately. Like heirloom tomatoes, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, each bursting with not-too-sweet juice. But what to make with these fetching stone fruit? As I come up with ideas, I wanted to invite readers to share their own photos of the same ingredient on a new app called Capture.

It’s a simple concept, and I just posted my first, simple “request” on Capture: let’s see some plums! The app allows you to share visuals of anything in real time on your iPhone, like many, but prompts users interested in certain topics (e.g. plums! Or fresh food, more generally-speaking) with photo requests. Next week, I plan to post a recipe involving fresh plums and wanted to round up some photos submitted by readers for inspiration. Want to join the conversation? Below, find out how to view my request on Capture and respond with a photo you’ve taken as you shop your local markets (or go orchard-picking?) this weekend.

(Sorry to those readers without an iPhone. Versions for Android and Win Phone coming soon.)
1. Download the Capture App
2. Open the app. You’ll see Not Eating Out in New York’s request front and center.
3. Click on the request and send in the photo of any plums you come across in the next few days (the request expires on Monday)
4. Next week, look out for a recipe on this blog with plums. See your plum photo in the Capture request’s gallery and visualize how you can make something similar (or totally different) with your plums next. Then, look out for a new request on Capture that asks to share your perfect plum recipe pics. Then it’s onto another ingredient to share photos of.

We’ll see where it goes from there! I’m learning all this stuff right now myself (and I’m not being paid to do this, by the way). Chime in with any thoughts or future ingredient suggestions in the comments. Enjoy the weekend and start shooting pics like a plum paparazzi!

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