Let’s Get UnFancy this Sunday

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What would the beginning of another sweaty summer in Brooklyn be without the UnFancy Food Show? It seems this event traditionally falls on a heatwave. Two years ago, it poured, but it was still stinking hot. Last year, the sun shone at full blast and the red tents over everyone’s head (in case of rain, like the previous year) made everyone look orange. This year, it’s actually going to be inside, in the air conditioned comforts of the Bell House. But no matter, it’s still the most fun food celebration of the year, and I’m proud to have gotten a little more fancy myself and will be signing books, instead of wandering around the place with my face covered in Liddabit Sweets smudges and Mama O’s Kimchee brine.

There will be food trucks just outside the venue, and much, much more food inside — more than fifty local craft food vendors. This event has grown, as Annaliese notes in her write-up on Brooklyn Based, from a yard full of half a dozen DIY food makers in Brooklyn, hoping and dreaming that their start-up food “business” would one day break even. Now, these pros are appearing on Martha Stewart nearly every other day. Check out this Brooklyn episode to see a whole bunch of them, like our friends at Anarchy in a Jar and McClure’s Pickles.

There’s too many of them to name, actually. Just for fun, here’s my recap of last year’s event, and the one from the year before. Look forward to making memories again with everyone!

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  1. Bivy

    I’m all over unfancy foods! Where’ Anthony Bourdain when you need him?

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