The Biggest, Best, Most Outdoors, Food Obstructions IV is July 18th

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It’s been a while since Karol, David and I have hosted a Food Obstructions, the cooking competition based on five ever-changing rules. It started out in November at The Gutter, and we held two more Food Obstructions there over the following months. But now that it’s the start of a new season, we’re bringing it back with some twists. In celebration of all that’s local, edible and in season right now, this time the cook-off will be a fundraiser for Just Food. And because it’s warm, it’ll be held in the backyard of East River Bar in Williamsburg. We’re taking it outside — let the food fight begin!

A quick note on another change: there will be a $10 donation at the door for anyone attending the event. But it’s still free to enter as a contestant. Ticket proceeds will be donated directly to Just Food, and it will give the ticket-holder free reign of the cook-off buffet. Read on for entry instructions, and here are the five obstructions to everyone’s dish:

-Must have at least one locally-sourced* vegetable

-Must contain locally sourced* honey

-Cannot contain meat

-Must contain an ingredient that is spherical and is eaten whole

-Must have a crunchy garnish

*We know you’re wondering how local “locally sourced” is, so we gave it a 100-mile radius of where you live. Just know what the farm is where your ingredient was obtained, and where it’s located. There’s plenty of options at the Greenmarket.

That’s no “meat” as well as seafood. It will be the most vegetarian-friendly cook-off in NYC that we know of so far! Let us know when you arrive whether your dish is vegetarian or vegan so that we can properly label.

On the “spherical” ingredient, think chickpeas, not oranges. Tapioca pearls, not cantaloupes. Unless you can make a single serving of a dish involving a whole orange or cantaloupe. We know that no food is a perfect sphere, so don’t worry about whittling down your grapes or whatever.

To enter, write to [email protected] and please mention in your email if your dish will need any special requirements. Warm chafing dishes can be provided upon request. Please specify if you would like it to be served on anything other than a flat plate with a fork. Spread the word, and bring your friends to vote for you — the winners will be decided by a popular vote, as always. Prizes from local businesses like cookware will be awarded to first, second and third places.

RSVP on Facebook.

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  1. Jen

    Sounds great! You said to label your dish vegetarian or vegan… but one of the rules is that you have to include locally sourced honey. Honey isn’t vegan, so none of the dishes will be vegan. Just thought you should know – there’s a lot of hungry vegans out there who want to be able to come!

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  3. cathy

    Jen, thanks so much for catching! You are right indeed, and we apologize for the confusion. Vegans, you’re more than welcome to attend, but everything will have a little touch of local honey, FYI!

  4. Anna

    Pls. send instructions for entering, tried “[email protected]” to no avail. Sorry, I do not have a face book account.
    I would like to enter a summer dish sourced from Union Square Green Market, including all vegetables, honey and crunch used in the dish.
    Thanks, awaiting your directions.

  5. Lynn

    I’m excited to attend this event! Sounds great. And for a great cause. happy that all proceeds will go directly to Just Foods.

    Just want to make sure— if we are just coming for the event (not competing), do we need to reserve or sign up? or can we just show at the door?

  6. cathy

    Absolutely, Lynn, just come on down!

  7. Carly

    Please post the results! I had to leave early but the event was so much fun-I’m dying to know who won (especially if there is a recipe included)!

  8. Wallstreet

    Think autumn or spring for that matter in New York. Its not to warm or not to cold just beautiful weather and having the chance to stroll around in New York and take in all the sites, such as Statue of Liberty. It can’t get much better than that.

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