BBQ Blowout is tonight at Good Company

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Welcome to summer, New York City, and with that, barbecue season. I hope you’ve gotten to enjoy the food at a few ones already. But I dare say you’ve never had anything like what we’re going to put on the grills tonight, at Good Company bar (formerly known as Hope Lounge) in Brooklyn. It’s Finger on the Pulse’s annual BBQ Blowout series, and I’m chef of honor along with my friends at Mrs. Kim’s restaurant. Get ready for a crazy Korean-infused barbecue meal, made with local produce and trusted meats.

When I was asked by Darin and Greg to guest chef another barbecue this season, I knew I wanted to collaborate on a menu to make this more fun. And I’d always wanted to cook more with Jon Meyer, who runs the kitchen along with Will Griffith at the newly opened Mrs. Kim’s. I am one lucky cook that it worked out just like that. For our main course, we’ll be making the Kim Dog, a homemade sausage with pork from Heritage Foods USA and D’Artagnan, lemongrass, shallots and all sorts of secret spices, topped with kimchi and gochujang ketchup. The vegetarian option is Korean rice cakes and asparagus, smothered in a sweet-and-spicy, thick chili sauce that I just spent the last three hours making. The side dishes I think will delight even more: we’re making a watermelon salad with five-spice crusted cashews; grilled fava bean pods with a pungent nuoc cham-like sauce; baby carrots and garlic scapes, also grilled, in an Asian-styled “salsa verde” with the blanched carrot greens and pretty much every herb that exists.

But for all those sides and your choice of main course, the entire plate is yours for $5, as always with the BBQ Blowout series. (It was when I was co-chef for the first time for it, two years ago — an event that was described in detail in The Art of Eating In.) How can this be? Come on down and find out. It’s not about anything but good food and fun.

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  4. Gail

    Hi Cathy, I got your book “The Art of Eating In” and loved it! Tonight I tried the Fresh Corn and Zucchini Scallion Pancakes and LOVED it! Great recipe, great book, and a great blog! Thanks!

  5. Rossi

    hey lady
    just wanted to say how great it was doing NPR with you
    rock on barbecue mama

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