Food Obstructions III is February 7

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It’s time once again, folks. The Food Obstructions III is happening at The Gutter on Sunday, February 7th, and of course we’re giving it a corny Valentine’s Day kiss. Reddy or not! Here are the five obstructions to your dish:

-Cannot contain onions or garlic
-Must contain hearts (of palm, artichokes, celery, an animal, candy hearts… you name it! Just don’t say you simply cooked it “with heart”)
-Must include an ingredient that is red
-Cannot require utensils to eat
-Must include an ingredient that is rumored to be an aphrodisiac

For the last obstruction, expect to step up to the mic and explain your ingredient, briefly. We all know that asparagus and a few other foods are supposedly aphrodisiacs, but we don’t know the whole world of lust-loving foods, and wouldn’t mind to.

In what has become a tradition of bowling and beer guzzling afterwards, the Food Obstructions III starts at 7:30pm at The Gutter (200 N. 14th Street). It’s $5 to attend, eat and vote for your favorite dish. If you’re interested in competing in the cook-off, it’s free. Just register beforehand by writing to [email protected] Plan to make enough of your dish to serve at least 50 sample-size “bites.” If you need equipment like a chafing dish, or require anything other than a flat plate for service, please say so in your message.

As always, the cash pot from the entry fee will be divided amongst the winners, and at Food Obstructions II on December 6th, the first place winner walked off with more than $100. She also happened to be the first place winner from the first Food Obstructions, back in October, if you can believe that. Yes, Christina Collins is the two-time champion to beat! Can it be done? Will you be able to take her down? Come join us and see!

Chili Takedown’s Matt Timms and lil sis Zoe came to Food Obstructions II

as did a lot of hungry folks!

there’s plenty of light and workspace on the pool table to vote

Noah’s second-place snagging truffles with Kix

Emily and fellow contestants prepare for the food attack

the poster for the winning entry at Food Obstructions II

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  1. Kurdistan

    funny poster love it

  2. James

    “Cannot contain onions”? Sounds like my kind of competition! I’ll be there (on the eater’s side, that is).

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  4. Leah

    wasn’t there a steak dish with a little egg that got 2nd place? or was this a previous competition?? Do you have any picture?

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