It’s CSA Signing-Up Time!

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Though it may not look like it after yesterday’s snowstorm, spring is right around the corner. And, more local produce is just a few weeks from sprouting through the soil. If you want to experience the seasonal harvest from an intimate perspective (i.e. eat peas in June, blueberries in July), then a great way to do so if you don’t have your own garden is to join a CSA. What’s that? Community Supported Agriculture, essentially buying a share of a local farm to ensure both their survival, and your constant supply of healthy, earth-friendly and fresh produce.

Buying a CSA share is sort of like making an up-front payment for X-many months’ worth of food from this farm, or group of farms. Your pledge helps the small farm(s) overcome their unlikely quest of surviving in this era of industrialized agriculture. Many CSAs offer partial as well as full share packages. New ones are cropping up all the time, too. New Yorkers, see the map on Just Food’s website to find the one with the closest pick-up location to you, or to read up more on CSAs. Outside of NYC, try Local Harvest’s search tool to find a CSA in your area.

I’ve never joined a CSA before, as I’ve mentioned on this site. This was due to two reasons: I live alone, and fear too much food for my own use; and second, there was no CSA with a pick-up spot convenient to my home. This year, I’m ecstatic that both those obstacles have been solved. A new Crown Heights CSA has just been formed! It’s still accepting members, so please reach out to the contact email address provided in the link if interested. I’m thrilled also that I’ll be splitting a full share from this CSA with a friend who lives in the neighborhood. That way, we’ll still have plenty of fresh produce for each of us, and we can take turns picking up the stuff every other week. Mission accomplished!

I am so excited to begin this next chapter in Not Eating Out in New York, finally joining a CSA. Hope you’ll consider it, too!

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  1. Dan

    Thanks for the info. I’ve been meaning to join up one of these seasons and I think now may be the time.

  2. Liz

    Best thing I ever did! I joined with another family 2 years ago and we split the produce which works out nicely for us. This year my CSA has an early spring share for 6 weeks which starts in mid April – I am so excited.

    Glad you are able to participate now – looking forward to your posts with your new CSA produce hauls!

  3. Matthew

    As a bachelor, I have no problem with a full share (at the Cobble Hill CSA). Knowing how much you cook, I think you’ll be champing at the bit to sign up for a full share next year.

  4. Joanna

    Ooh I look forward to hearing how it goes for you! I’ve heard mixed things about joining a CSA, but I’d seriously consider it if I knew where I’d be living this summer. Hopefully I’ll move close to a greenmarket and that will satisfy my local/seasonal produce needs for now, but maybe next year I’ll go the CSA route!

  5. Sarah

    Thanks so much for this info–I’m moving to that area this month so I may sign up for that CSA as well.

  6. Ambitious

    Hello Cathy,

    Thanks for the reminder! I almost did a half share last year but ended up not doing it because of the same reasons as you. I’m afraid of having the food go to waste… ;(

  7. Leah

    Thanks so much for the CSA info! I live in CH and have been starving for good produce. The grocers near me are pretty awful. Looking forward to reading about your CSA cooking adventures.

  8. Orli

    A CH CSA is wonderful, thanks for telling us! I agree about the relative dearth of decent groceries Leah mentioned down in my bit of CH, so this is great. I miss the CSA my house was a member of back at college–wonderful produce, and the constant entertainment/adventure factor of ‘what on earth am I going to do with THIS?’

  9. Cheyenne

    Thanks for sharing this info! I have been searching for something like this but never quite sure where to look,. Very helpful!

  10. Yvo

    Thanks for the PSA, Cathy! I signed up for my first CSA this year as well. I can’t wait to see what both of us come up with in the upcoming weeks 🙂

  11. Jackie

    Great post, Cathy! Thanks for the tip. I’ve always wanted to sign up for a CSA, too. Getting right on it!

  12. Matt

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a CSA with a pick-up spot near Gowanus? Anyone with an interest in splitting it?

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  14. Rebecca

    Does anyone know the status of the Hell Gate CSA (Queens-Astoria area)? I’m confused as to whether they are up and running for the 2009 season.

  15. […] groups for years, and are responsible in large part to the huge increase in CSAs in NYC this year, like mine). All proceeds from the $20 donation at the door will go to those efforts. Or, she could just be […]

  16. Amanda

    For what it’s worth, March is way too late to get a CSA spot in some parts of NYC. Look up your local CSA in November or December — they’re liable to be sold out by spring.

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