Beards for Food

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I don’t really know where to start with this one. But I will say that the weirdest, funniest, most random things usually happen at cook-offs. I was sitting behind my cast-iron pot of beans at the Cassoulet Cook-Off a few weeks back, when a fellow approached me and introduced himself as Vince, a member of Bearduary. He’d seen my scribblings on this blog and elsewhere, and in particular, one trifling rumination I wrote about how I can never seem to remember if a friend has a beard when not looking at him at the moment. I called the malady “beard blindness.” Vince was not amused.

To add to my nervousness as I sat there, confronted by this bearded food buff, I had just ran out of my cassoulet. (In fact, about half of us had run out of cassoulet by then.) I felt terrible. Yet Vince was kind enough to follow up a few weeks later and tell me about a charity fund-raising scheme he’d devised. It’s hilarious, and for a very good cause. I’m pleased to have the chance to make it up to him — and the rest of the bearded fellowship — by sharing it with you, too.

The goal is to raise $1000 for Just Food, a non-profit focused on strengthening, growing and promoting a sustainable food system in the New York City region. From now until February 28th, you can help Bearduary reach its goal by simply voting for your favorite bearded or mustachioed look, which Vince is actually going to sport if it’s the one that receives the most support by the end. Trust me, this man has a lot of beard to work with right now. (See all the beards here.) Shall it be the muttonchop brush of the “Dr. Watson”? The Lincoln-like carpet of “The Witness” or the handlebar hair drape of “Brokeback”? You decide. And with your vote, a donation of any amount will be accepted and given directly to Just Food. See more details here, and don’t forget the deadline’s February 28.

One of those things that makes you say, now why didn’t I come up with that idea first?

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  1. James

    Sweet! This dovetails perfectly with my very own “recession beard” ambitions. Btw my vote is for the Dr. Watson – you just don’t see that look these days….

  2. desiree

    i also voted for dr. watson. i wish i could see it in person. maybe i can try to get the boyfriend to grow one…

  3. Nick

    I grew a beard for the first time in my life about 6 months ago. It was weird because other bearded dudes starting coming up to me and complimenting me on my facial hair. It’s like being part of a secret club you don’t know about until you’re actually in it.

  4. Emily

    I have the exact opposite of beard blindness. I am rather obsessed with beards, in fact. I’m going to go vote right now!

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