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Since I’m a little behind on my recipe-writing and photo uploading for this week’s eaten-in pleasures, I thought I’d direct you to something I did manage to accomplish: this Brooklyn Based piece on where to find the most clever, crafty, kitschy and most importantly, NOT disposable dinnerware that you can be proud to serve with at your next party.

vintage juice glasses at the Carroll Gardens store Deluxa

My legs are still a little sore from the tour de china (as in the plates) I took over the weekend, checking out these Brooklyn stores. It was a lot of fun cobbling together my favorites for the story, and my only wish is that I’d been better equipped to actually buy some of the stuff I saw along the way. Dishes, glassware, flatware, bowls — fun dinnerware is actually a topic of great interest to me, having written advertising copy for several different makers over the last year for my nine-to-five. But as for actual practice, my cupboard collection is pretty thin. Observant readers might be wise to the fact that I own but one set of dinner plates (with the sage-green rims). Are you as sick of them as I am?

So while I contemplate adding some unique new pieces to my collection (and where I’m going to put them), I thought I’d poll you on a particular question. My most recent dinnerware purchase was of ten basic, white ceramic wide-rimmed soup bowls. I find them infinitely better suited to serving so many types of dishes — not just soup. Pastas, risotto, saucy meat courses, or even this potato and beet green hash with a poached egg below. I can’t live without them now. Plus, they make everything look so attractive and professional somehow.

So that’s my defining dinnerware discovery of the moment. Is there a type of tableware, or certain piece, that you’ve fallen in love with and can’t recommend enough?

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  1. JD

    I love food and wine, so it’s a given. I have white dinner plates for the very same reason you do. Awhile ago, I found crystal wine glasses infused with Nessium. This added component allows me to put these crystal wine glasses into the dishwasher. I use these instead of my “good” crystal for casual dinner parties or just for me. I totally recommend them!

  2. Rob

    Good suggestion JD, but WHERE did you get them? C’mon and spill the beans so we can all get on board with this idea!

  3. JD

    I bought mine at a local wine shop that is now out of business. However, I did some looking online and found that has something very similar. The wine glasses are called Fusion Infinity. The glasses may be a bit pricey, but so worth the convenience!

  4. meaghan

    jadite! cutest kitchenware ever. i work in vintage design for a living and had totally forgotten about these gems until my new roommate moved some in. and it has brought untold joy to my life.

  5. nbm

    wow, you found not only Union Max but the tiny and obscure Deluxa in my neighborhood. I have green small plates and deep bowls, white tin plates that seem appropriate for takeout and also are good for picnics, and some multi-colored melamine from French Bull that can really spark up the table. I like small rectangular or oval (or, okay, round) plates, I guess because I eat breakfast or snacks more often than I plate up a several-element meal on a full-sized dinner plate. You know what are useful, though? Small handleless cups — mine happen to be matte black on the outside and shiny chartreuse on the inside — that can be used for desserts, like pudding, as well as for post-prandial coffee.

  6. Lydia

    Hi there! I love eating out of bowls, something comforting about it warming my hands. Where did you buy your wide rimmed soup bowls?

  7. cathy

    Hi Lydia: Those wide rimmed soup bowls were pretty cheap! The Cellar brand from Macy’s. So far, so good…

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