Write the 27th Reason for Not Eating Out

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Next month, I will be both turning 27 and posting the 27th Reason of the Month for not eating out. (Pretty neat collision of life and blog, isn’t it?) Yes, if you can believe it, you’ve suffered for twenty-six rants from the often irrational, at times delirious, and petty tirade-prone mind of this blogger. I thank you humbly.

This time, I thought I’d try something new. I’d like to invite anyone to submit their own “Reason For Not Eating Out” essay. I’m sure you have juicy tales to tell, or are itching to rid yourself of some restaurant-induced angst. Please send me your best Reason in 500 words or less by December 15th. I’ll post my favorite one shortly afterward as the 27th Reason For Not Eating Out, with a very special thanks to the winning guest blogger. Write to me at cathy[at]noteatingoutinny.com.

Mixing things up a bit — why not? Can’t wait to read your rants.

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  1. Marilyn

    Has anyone ever stopped to think about how many people handle YOUR food before it’s set before you?
    I worked in the Food and Beverage industry for many years, both front of the house and back, from Fine Dining to Family styled Restaurants, from Server into Management and have seen it all. Ahhhh the tales I could tell about some of these places, but, I won’t. All I will say is, that even in Fine Dining there are people who are not particular about hygiene and THAT is probably the best reason NOT to eat out.

  2. babylemonade

    Did you ever try to go to a restaurant with two boys under three?
    It’s a challange!!!
    …(and thats kind of an understatement)
    Being a sophisticated and adventurous eater before the two boys hit the scene I was sure that I could simply carry on with them in tow and that way I could make them into sophisticated and adventoures eaters themselves…
    I just didn’t take into account the attention span of toddlers but what really killed it for me was trying to deal with all the dirty looks of everybody else. Looks that said: “If you don’t have money for a babysitter then don’t eat out!”.
    So after a few of those mortifying experiences we started creating adventures and fabulous dinners at home.
    Who cares if I breast-feed while munching on my lamb chops or if the boys yell, laugh, play, fight or smear the sauce all over themselves.
    It was a hard one for me to sacrifice but for right now I understand that amazing meals at home make much more sense then being uncomfortable outside…

  3. Cheryl

    Grad School! I’m Broke! I used to enjoy Sunday Brunch with the ladies but when I think about the fact that I will be paying for that mediocre to borderline crappy service for the next 40 years, I cringe! It’s been replaced with dinners at friend’s houses that happen to be in culinary school so I get to reap the benefits! And its cheap! 🙂

  4. jeannie

    hey cathy 🙂

    How about…because you’re cheap, nay, thrifty! …and you can cook all your presents and simultaneously add that coveted personal touch! Be it yummy baked goods or having ppl over for a holiday feast, food’s just as good, if not better, than another pair of socks or a charm bracelet, right? As long as it’s not fruitcake…

  5. DJ

    “It’s so nice to hear what you’re saying.” Not sure if this one made the list yet, but it is so nice to have peace and quiet and actually be able to hear my dinner companions. Being deaf in one ear, and thus having a difficult time hearing people in loud rooms, this one is especially important to me.

  6. Dana Marie

    because you save money and do it how you like it – more efficient all around, esp if you share!

  7. Adam

    In addition to being cheaper, healthier, and, more often than not, tastier than eating out, cooking your own food is simply more fun. Why give over the slicing, the simmer, and the sizzle to a stranger? Get intimate with your food. Cook it yourself.

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