Watching the Markets: Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket

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It’s another video! Just when you thought I couldn’t get any worse on camera, here’s the latest installment of my ongoing battle with awkwardness. Um, um… yeah.

Greenmarkets are particularly exciting at this time of the year, because, like the public parks they often border, they’re budding with fresh, botanical diversity. Grand Army Plaza’s market is Brooklyn’s largest, with regularly a dozen or more vendors at any given Saturday throughout the year (it’s the second largest one in NYC, after Union Square). If this guided tour isn’t cheesy enough to turn you away from it, I hope you get to enjoy the scene soon, and cheer on your evidently very hard-working tri-state area farmers. (Video/genius credit: Matt Bagdanoff.)

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  1. Thew

    FYI: John McPhee wrote about our G.A.P. market some (ok, many) years ago in “Giving Good Weight,” which is collected in a book of the same title.

  2. ben

    I recognize some of those vendors! Strongly recommend rolling out of bed around 10, strolling to the greenmarket, getting a chocolate chip scone and a pint of blueberries, sitting at the head of the meadow, slowly eating the food, and then walking to the dog beach to play with puppies. I’m pretty sure I wore a path in the grass with that particular routine.

  3. Anita

    Thanks for the info!! And I noticed you used the term “food enthusiast”…are you like me?? Do you absolutely cringe at the word “foodie????” I thought I was the only one who used food enthusiast. Go team.

  4. Sarah

    Um, I think you are really cute on video! 🙂
    I love the G.A.P. Greenmarket. My biggest disappointment is that I work every Saturday morning right now and can’t go!

  5. Ana

    yay grand army plaza farmer’s market! one teeny tiny correction: it is located at the intersection of flatbush, eastern parkway, and union, not atlantic. just in case someone is trying to find the place.

    very cute video, i hope to see more vlogs on the site.


  6. cathy

    Thank you, Ana. I’m learning slowly that video, unlike type, cannot be edited so easily…

  7. Judith

    Ah, you’re lovely! Unfortunately the video host makes the video stutter a bit on my computer, but I was able to get through it without *too* much trouble. It’s funny, for some reason when I read your blog I always picture you in my head as being Jenni Ferrar-Adler because the interview with her was one of the first post of yours I read, with that picture of her in the kitchen. Now I know that you are not, in fact, a blonde! That market looks great. Ours is teeny in comparison, but I’m going to try it out this weekend anyway, as it opened last weekend and there should at least be some good fresh greens available.

  8. Sue

    You are just adorable! (and I mean that in an Amelie sorta way)

    Nice job!

  9. TBTAM

    What a great video! Better than anything of the Food Network these days. Keep up the filming…

  10. Lauren

    You’re so cute! I am totally inspired to look-up farmers markets in my area (Boulder, CO)now!

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