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I recently stumbled upon a site called, “where foodies meet.” We can all look back a mere few years ago and recall the humble beginnings of a site called Myspace, which targeted a younger crowd than existing networking sites. Before it took over the world of music, film, and young(ish) people in general. FoodCandy may or may not aspire for such loftiness, but its focus is sure-footed: it’s only for self-proclaimed foodies. All around the world. So you can stop talking to utter slobs and start meeting other food-smart urbanites who are too busy to interact with anyone in person. Seriously, though, who doesn’t wish they had more friends with similar values?

More than a networking site, FoodCandy also publishes interesting articles and interviews–most interestingly enough, one about me.

And if you happen to check this out, could you please sign up and then be friends with me? I look like El Dorko.

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  1. ben ransford

    i met this “dB.” fellow (from foodcandy) at saxelby cheese’s “day a-whey” ( rumor has it that they’ll be arranging more field trips at some point. murray’s be damned! (actually, there’s room in my heart for both.)

  2. Yvo

    I’m on there! I’ll have to do a search for you. I haven’t figured out yet really all the workings of the site, and I never got a MySpace account so any analogies to that won’t work (someone tried). Hehe!

  3. cathy

    [Sigh] I wish that I really liked cheese.

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