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I’d like to pause briefly for a political moment. As we all know, this week has been immensely significant for the Democratic Party and for Bush opposers, rippling throughout the world. Never have I gotten so many mass emails from Moveon.org since the weeks leading up to Election 2004. There’s a local Moveon.org organized party up the street from me that I hope to snap a few shots of soon. Would it be too presumptuous of me to hope for a time when Moveon.org will change its name to Keep It Real?

Meanwhile, it seems that the lame duck Congress is considering one more odorous thought: a bill that would effectively threaten the rights of animal rights and environmental activists, in the name of the protecting of the animal industry. Thanks to Becca Winters for this one:

Earlier this year, animal industry groups, corporations and the politicians that represent their interests introduced the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) in Congress. They claim that this legislation is needed to protect the animal industry from violent animal and eco-extremists. But this bill is unnecessary, and in fact, it jeopardizes the constitutional rights of all activists.

The National Lawyers Guild urges Congress to oppose this bill. If enacted into law, the AETA could label any activity causing an “animal enterprise” to suffer a profit loss as a terrorist act. For example, members of the public concerned about the growing number of homeless dogs in their community picket a local pet store selling unaltered puppies. Under this bill, the pet store owner could claim lost profits due to the picketing. The picketers could face possible federal prosecution as terrorists!

AETA has been passed by the Senate, and is now up for consideration in the House. Act today to ensure that this repressive bill does not become law. If you haven’t yet, or even if you have, use the following link to write your Representative today, and send a clear message: vote NO on the AETA.”

Visit below address for e-action:

It’s already disturbing enough to see environmentalists and other left-wing activisits being called “terrorists” in these times and having to undergo legal battles over this “crack-down” (for example, the case of Daniel McGowan). I don’t see this label being placed on people murdering abortion doctors or attacking clinics. If you think that this bill is unacceptable, please visit the site and sign the petition.

And now, back to your regular programming.

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