Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

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I got a serious farmers market fix yesterday: snap peas, snow peas, English peas, fava beans and strawberries. It truly is a great time of year to be eating from the surrounding regions of NYC! And there will be many more fresh treasures to come. This is the simple inspiration for a project I’m starting up, called Farmers Market Fix. It’s currently a weekly newsletter from me, offering some hot tips on what’s ripe for cooking at the Greenmarkets in New York City, and what to cook with it.

The project is evolving and it’s just at the beginning stages with the email newsletter. Soon, I hope to share more details on what you can expect from it, as I gather feedback and see how it goes. Curious? Just sign up by adding your email address to the list. The newsletter will go out once a week, and you can unsubscribe at any time with a click.


Really looking forward to sharing this exciting venture with you, and thanks so much for being an early adopter! And if you’re wondering about the photo in this post, I was debating over a number of heirloom tomato and vegetable pics, still in their market crates. Most farms in the area don’t have many tomatoes yet, but those fetching photos from past years’ harvests made me anxious to start cooking with them soon. And so I remembered this simple salad recipe, for Heirloom Tomatoes with Green Beans, Summer Squash and Dukkah, and went with the prepared food photo instead. Hope you enjoy it in anticipation, too.

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7 Responses to “Sign Up For My Newsletter, Farmers Market Fix”

  1. lindsay says:

    More recipes. Then even us non-NYC people can benefit.

  2. Cathy Erway says:

    @lindsay: Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you guys! This is the first step in what I hope will become more wide-reaching!

  3. Diane R Devoe says:

    I see you are delivering in Brooklyn! That is great news! I live alone and am disabled–so can not get out & shop! I have to call in for orders–and can never get to Farmers Markets for amazing stuff! There are so many things I have read & heard about that I have never tried–ie ramps, broccolini, etc. Your idea sounds great to me–even if your “meal” is for 2! I will just have leftovers. So wanted to say “GOOD LUCK” and you will most probably see my name placing an order soon! Thank you! Diane from Brooklyn NY 11224

  4. Cathy Erway says:

    @Diane, I really hope to help bring you the best of the bounty from the markets very soon. Yes, there are very interesting ingredients right now and I’ll be picking out just those for every week! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm.

  5. Sara says:

    Coolness ! I’ve joined my local CSA – and am figuring out how to share ideas similarly with the Members. I’ll keep your inspirations in mind.

  6. www.undergrounddiningnyc.com says:

    I tried the recipes for the scallops, duck and fish– fantastic & detailed directions! thanks for the cherries too ;)

  7. Rachel Bowie Farmers Market Fix says:

    […] food to all New Yorkers looking to get (wait for it) their farmers market fix. Sign up for the weekly newsletter, choose from one of Cathy’s mouth-watering recipes, and enjoy the fun when all the […]

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