Brown Rice & Radish Bibimbap

If that isn’t the most fun food name to pronounce, I don’t know what is. Bibimbap is lots of fun to make, too. It simply means, “mixed rice” in Korean and it’s an everyday, meal-in-one-bowl. Any vegetables you have on hand will do; you can marinate some sliced meat and sautee it to add, too. Then you just assemble everything on the rice, add a dollop of spicy gochujang and an egg to pop. You can mix in a little … Read More

Sundried Tomato Pesto

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Keepin’ things simple this week. I can’t argue with the freshness that a deep green basil pesto gives everything, but its intense red twin of sundried tomato is pretty sublime, too. A spoonful of this stuff is like sweetened condensed tomato; a drop of it in your risotto while it’s cooking is like not really needing to reach for stock instead of water. Spread on bread or baked on pizza it’ll make your mouth tingle. A drizzle will make any … Read More