Come Out To a Paperback Book Launch & Book Swap Party (with Cookies)!

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This Thursday, I’m pleased as hot punch to announce a special get-together in the back room at Jimmy’s No. 43. I’m throwing a party for the paperback release of The Art of Eating In, and want to share a whole lot of other books as well. See, I recently moved, and upon packing up boxes of cookbooks, foodie lit books, and books of all sorts, it dawned on me that instead of keeping all the ones I’ve read and enjoyed several times over, I’d rather give them to those who might do the same, too.

So, I can’t think of a better occasion to hold a public book swap, among like-minded foodie friends, writers, eaters, drinkers and readers (like you). The rules are pretty much the same as a clothing swap with friends, except it’ll be open to anyone who wants to stop by: bring a book, take a few books, bring a few books, take a whole bunch of books. Nobody will be turned down of taking a book for lack of bringing one. Besides, I plan to get the pile of books started real good with several boxes of my own — and if I don’t say so myself, they include some pretty good recent cookbooks.  Also, I’m going to be making several batches of my latest bad habit/obsession: cookies. I’m thinking green tea chocolate chip? Please feel free to suggest any flavors of your dreams. Finally, Jimmy Carbone, Sixpoint and I will be proud to be pouring Sixpoint Bengali Tiger IPA at a ridiculous special of $2 a pint for this event only! There should be plenty of it to go around, too… come by!

The deets:
Thursday, February 17
Jimmy’s No. 43
43 East 7th St. (basement floor!)
New York, NY
Admission: Free with copy of The Art of Eating In. Otherwise, $16 (the list price of the paperback edition) and you get a copy of the book and access to the book swap, $2 Sixpoints, and cookies.

All books that aren’t claimed by the end of the night will be donated down the street to Housing Works non-profit bookstore. So if you don’t make it to Jimmy’s, you might see a lot of cookbooks the next week or so at Housing Works (go ahead and support them! They’re great).

And if I haven’t said this already, this is a really humbling and bewildering good invitation to make, to invite you to a paperback book release party. The fact that The Art of Eating In is out in paperback now is really gratifying to me, as someone who usually only buys books once they’re out in paperback. I want to thank everyone who’s bought, read, stocked, reviewed, or checked out this book at libraries in the past year. It’s been tremendous hearing your thoughts.

And do let me know if you have any cookie suggestions. The menu at Jimmy’s No. 43 will be available, of course, and will include those famous $5-for-3 oysters this Thursday night as usual. Let’s slurp it up!

Check out Jimmy Carbone’s interview with me for the upcoming party:

About the photo of cookies at top: My Valentine’s Day cookie contest from 2009!

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  1. Jess

    I will be there, with my foodie library and schmoozing tendencies in tow!

  2. Madeline

    Cool event! I would love to attend but got class that night 🙁

  3. saç kaynak

    so cute with hearth style 🙂

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