… and we’re live

And what a food-filled weekend! On Friday, the Hapa Kitchen hosted its first dinner soiree; Saturday, I saw so many foodies and inspiring panels at the Brooklyn Food Conference; Sunday, I got to taste the weekend-long efforts of so many cook-off enthusiasts at the Park Slope Pork-Off, which was hosted by one of our terrific Hapa Kitchen volunteers, Laurel, as a benefit for Kamay at Puso (a recap coming soon!); and today, the Hapa Kitchen website went live. I feel so very alive.

To all the readers I met over the course of these events, and new friends made, so glad we crossed paths and hope to again at something fun soon! (Like the Risotto Challenge? A terrific judging panel and more details to be announced!)

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  1. Kasey

    Cathy, I just checked out the site and it looks great! Really fun concept and nice design. Looking forward to reading more.

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    fishing process

    … and we’re live » Not Eating Out in New York

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