Free food for your vote

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Hi. Perhaps you’re here because you’ve managed to navigate away from Pollster for five seconds, to allow time for some updates to set in. Maybe it’s close to lunchtime, but you don’t have an appetite because you’ve gotten yourself into such a stressful tizzy that your bodily functions are not working quite right, and you’re trying to regain an appetite by checking here for food porn. Or perhaps you can no longer bear to read “real” news, and would simply welcome instead the soothing words of the food-obsessed to take your mind off the matter at hand today, the most important, defining election to take place in decades.

That’s okay. I don’t mind.

I’m here for you. If not with a good, new, original recipe, then at least in spirit. Because all of the above symptoms described, I’m having right now myself. This weekend has been a busy one for New York, with Halloween, then the New York City marathon, and the nail-biting countdown to the elections. For me, it marked a much-needed vacation from local cook-offs, though that’s going to change next week.

I’m feeling a little off today, as if the bedrock beneath the sea were about to make a big move. So, I think I might deviate from the normal, not eating out in New York scheme by indulging in some of the freebie treats that some businesses have decided to hand out in support of voting. Let’s see what we’ve got here:

Ooh, Krispy Kreme is handing out free donuts. That’s as long as you have an “I Voted” sticker, according to Brooklyn Based.

Hmm… Starbucks is reportedly giving away free coffee throughout its stores. I don’t think I need another case of jitters due to caffeine, though.

Ben & Jerry’s is handing out free ice cream scoops from 5-8pm. That sounds… fabulous. Ever since I got an ice cream maker, I’ve seldom purchased a tub of store-bought ice cream, and even more rarely chanced upon a scoop from a shop. But, in the spirit of embracing change, I think I might just do that today. Change is good.

What other places have you heard are giving away free food today? Let’s crowdsource! (Oh, and don’t forget to vote, too.)

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  1. Joanna

    Two things… 1) I heard that Starbucks originally planned to only give free coffee to voters, but the plan was deemed illegal because it looks like giving gifts for votes. So now their coffee giveaway is open to everyone, and I’m guessing the same is true for Krispy Kreme. 2) All of the above in that first paragraph are true for me as well, I am really trying to work but I keep checking the news except of course there is nothing new to report right now! Have you seen the website I’m probably 2 presses away from breaking the F5 button on my keyboard thanks to that site. 3) Do you think Starbucks will give away free decaf? Maybe that’s what I should do, since I don’t really need the sugar rush of a donut or ice cream. Oops, three things. Can’t think straight. Can’t count. IS TODAY OVER YET???

  2. Chrysanthe

    I just read on Gothamist that NYC never gives out “I voted” stickers. Places should just trust that you’ve voted in that case…

  3. Moriah

    Babes in Toyland is giving out …treats.

    And I baked votemeal cookies for all my co-workers and friends. I’d be happy to share with anyone else who voted and is now glued to the internet, hopelessly refreshing the results page every 5 minutes, like me.

  4. m.thew

    “votemeal cookies.” Awesome.

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    Free food for your vote » Not Eating Out in New York

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