The Great Hot Dog Cook-Off is SOLD OUT

Except for 10 more tickets, which can be purchased by super beneficiaries of the Food Bank for NYC for $30 (instead of $15)! Yep, we just sold the last of our 100 regular tickets today, and are offering these 10 extra spots to anyone who just NEEDS to come, despite forking over the extra allowance to charity. Is that you?

We are so excited for this event, and thank all 100 of you for joining us in our communal hot dog cravings by getting your tickets on time. Once again, your entry donation gets you all the in-competition hot dogs you can eat and all the FREE BEER provided by Kelso craft brewery of Brooklyn you can drink. In other news, there will be tasty relishes and other condiments provided by McClure’s Pickles. Our hot dog champions will also be awarded with prizes donated by The Brooklyn Kitchen. And, as always in the Great Hot Dog Cook-Off tradition, the judges will be announced the day of the contest — everyone has a shot at being one if they sign up and get their name drawn from a hat!

Although we won’t reveal exactly what every chef is planning to do with their dogs, there’s much excitement in the air. Of the three hot dog categories, Chili Dog, Veggie Dog and Neither of the Above Dog, there’s a slight majority signed up to make the mysterious Neither of the Above Dog. We can’t wait to see how they will NOT be like the others… or anything else in the known universe, for that matter.

Finally, if you’re a wickedly creative vegetarian or vegan chef who wants to show the world their done-up veggie dog, we’re still looking for one or two more of you! (I know so many of you are out there.) Coming up shortly on this blog, I’ll be posting an unorthodox take on this dish myself. So sign up now if you’ve got the gumption, or stick around for the next recipe from my hot dog oeuvre (the last one, the Baked Brie Dog, is right here).

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