Last Chance for Menu 4 Hope

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What could be a better fetch this holiday season than this fetching kitchen apron? At $10 a raffle ticket, no less? You got me there. Tomorrow, December 21st is the last day to try your luck at winning this and other prizes through Chez Pim’s Menu 4 Hope charity event. Check out Serious Eats’ list of less-raffled-on items that you stand a good chance of winning (as of now).

As mentioned earlier, I sewed this apron with the help of some friends out of rescued cotton fabric. It has a darling red, white and navy floral pattern and classic features like an adjustable button neck strap and a front patch pocket. With it, you can cook assured that no one will be wearing the same frock as you at your next dinner soirée. If you’re clever with gardening, this same apron will rise to the task. Also, I’ve found from my experience with aprons that they are not only handy for protecting your clothes or looking adorable, but their pockets are good for keeping your cellphone. It’s always a scramble to find the phone when it rings and you’re busy cooking, and I’ve been known to leave it inside the refrigerator on occasion. And, if your phone looks anything like mine, it has grease, flour and sauces stuck into its grooves. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

So, for your cellphone’s sake – but most importantly, for your heart’s sake – join in the fund-raising fun this year by participating in Menu 4 Hope. Each raffle ticket costs just $10, and all proceeds will be donated to the UN World Food Program. Good luck!

Go here to buy a ticket: ttp://

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  1. mark


    It has to be said…your are really under-selling yourself. $10 is a bargain, I would pay that just for the apron your are wearing. 😉

    Have a great Holiday!

  2. shuna fish lydon

    I bid on this! I hope I win it!

    I don’t wear women’s clothes but I am hoping to give it to my best friend as a gift.

    Thank you so much for donating such a thoughtful gift.

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    âûâîç ìóñîðà Ïåòåðáóðã…

  4. JD Webb

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