Best Next Excuse to Web Surf While Having Your Third Mid-Afternoon Snack

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I nominate for this. Sure, there’s Gothamist for local news and gotta-know-about-it-but-not-really-go-to-it events, there’s foodie sites like Serious Eats and Chow where you’re encouraged to chime in on things like creative authentic Mexican uses for icky black banana goo and who makes the best pita in the world. There are always, always blogs. But a refreshing foodie site (and one that happens to be based — though not editorially-focused — in Portland, which I just so happen to idealize as some sort of mecca to all that is good and just about food politics)? Check it out.

Plus, it’s me and The Hungry Cabbie pitted against one another in this week’s column, Blog Feed. Let the hungriest prevail…

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