Announcing the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket Shopping Club & Tour Series

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This fall, we’re starting something new. An idea fledged by myself and Liz Carollo, Greenmarket Publicity Coordinator for the Council for the Environment of New York City (CENYC), the Shopping Club & Tour Series begins this Saturday, October 4th at Brooklyn’s busy Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket. To kick it off, I’ll be making an early-fall veggie risotto at the information stand at 12:00 noon beforehand, so I hope you can come for some freshly-made grub, and stick around for the first many weekly meet ‘n greets.
Do you try to shop at the Greenmarket each weekend, too? Wish you could find out more about the farmers and their offerings — where they’re from, what their values are? Want to chat up other shoppers, neighbors and like-minded foodies, too? That’s the basic idea behind this informal shopping club and tour series. We’ll be meeting at the information stand at Grand Army Plaza’s Greenmarket Saturdays at 1pm. Liz will take us through the tables of the market, talking with the various vendors whom she works with every Saturday. Once we’re done shopping, we’ll find a spot to sit and share ideas about what to cook with our purchases. Following this Saturday, we’ll also try to spotlight different farmers/vendors each week at a time, so no one tour will be alike.

The tours are completely free, and there is no need to RSVP. Just come, bring your appetite and appreciation for fresh, local, humanely-raised and sustainable foods. Plus, there’s a food demo at this Greenmarket, New York’s second-largest, almost every Saturday.

I hope you’ll want to join us on this new project, and help shape what it’ll ultimately become. One of the reasons I thought it would be a good idea is that I’ve always been curious about the individual farmers and wanted to ask questions, but felt it impolite to take up too much of their time. They’re always so busy, especially in the summer. You might recall a video I shot in the spring, a different approach to introducing the farmers and their food to people. But, for anyone who’s local and might be shopping there already, I’d much rather meet in person! And my cameraman’s taking a little vacay. And cameras make me stutter.

Anyway, hope to see you Saturday!

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  1. Sarah

    What a great idea. If I can ever get out of working brunch on Saturdays I’ll stop by. I miss being able to go to the GAP Greenmarket. Good luck!

  2. Midge

    This is so awesome! When my markets end in November, count me in. I feel like I can handle greenmarket shopping club much better than my ill fated “craft club”.

  3. Vanessa

    Great idea! I love the market at Grand Army Plaza and would love to learn more about the farmers (and get cooking inspirations). Hopefully I’ll catch one of these tours soon.

  4. Matt

    i’ve never seen such a crowd at that little booth. Caught you while you were sweating the onions but there were so many people lining up to see you that I couldn’t say hi.

  5. Grace Piper

    Great to see you today Cathy. I didn’t get to taste your risotto(poor timing), but I can tell you it smelled wonderful and the aroma circled your tent. Will you post the recipe you used?

    I posted about seeing you at my site.

    Take Care,

  6. Tanya

    Hi! Do you do this every week, as it sounds? I’d love to go, but McCarren Park is much closer to me, so I’d be really sad to show up and not see everyone there.

  7. cathy

    Hi Tanya: Actually, we haven’t had a very strong response, though I’ve been there at 1pm to make sure I find anyone who comes. Let me know when and if you want to come by!

  8. Karen

    Hi Cathy,
    Just found your site and your ideas are great. I am just working on starting a foodie blog and I am based in Cleveland, Ohio…very happy that our state has redeemed itself by voting overwhelmingly for Obama this time around.. Anyway…I was really interested in your event at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket. We have a great outdoor/indoor market here..Westside market and would love some tips to creating just such an event.

  9. Betsey Washler

    This was an entertaining read, I’m always on the lookout for great articles and blog ideas so thanks. I’ve bookmarked this article so I’ll stay in contact!

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