Overheard at work…

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co-worker S: You know what I really feel like having for lunch? Homemade lasagna.

co-workers (chorus): Ohhh…

co-worker J: If you go to Duke’s, I think they usually have that in the buffet… the place downstairs?

co-worker S: (aghast) That’s not homemade lasagna.

chorus: Yeah, that totally doesn’t cut it… What are you thinking… That crappy place downstairs?… Not the same…

me: That’s really funny, because I brought homemade lasagna today for lunch. It was leftovers…

chorus: What?? Really?

co-worker S: (icy glare)


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  1. Kitt

    Ha! It’s funny; I bring my own lunch to work all the time (we don’t get breaks for meals, so everyone eats at their desk), and lasagna gets a comment every time. “Oooh, lasagna! Lucky you!”

    Why do people think lasagna is so hard? You can prep a huge pan of 12 servings in about 40 minutes and freeze each piece separately. Lunches for weeks!

  2. Joanna

    Heh, conversations like that are always funny… gotta love making the coworkers jealous. 🙂 A week or two ago I had brought some leftovers for lunch and I was telling one of my coworkers that I cook most of my meals, and she looked at me aghast — “Really? Doesn’t that take up all your time?” “I mean, I guess it takes more time than take-out, but I enjoy the process of cooking so I don’t really notice.” “But isn’t it so *expensive*??” “Uh… not more than take-out, unless I eat falafel every night…”

    She didn’t really believe me. One of these days, I’ll cook for her and keep track of how much I spend, and maybe then she’ll realize just how cheap (not to mention tasty) cooking at home can be!

  3. Alexandra

    Haha… love it. Although now you’ve made me crave lasagna. Curse you!

  4. Jenn


  5. Yvo

    Gotta love it. Part of why I bento.. well I should add that to the list, eh? 😉 I can’t believe someone thought cooking was more expensive than otherwise!!! And if you can do a 30mm then it’s less time than take out (which usually is what, 40+ minutes?)!!!

    Although I love a good lasagna, and I’m also amused by people who think it’s hard to make (prep work, but end result sooo worth it)… it’s way too hot for me to really think about pasta, *sweat sweat*

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