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Isn’t it wonderful to discover blogs and websites that are so up your alley you almost want to inhabit their space-as-virtual living room? The feeling must have gone both ways when I was encountered by Sarah McColl, who writes from a like-minded crafty, clever and budget-savvy point of view at Pink of Perfection (even though she’s happily engaged – bah!). She may have beaten me to running a profile, but I had such a nice girl talk for it that I wanted to share it here. In the meantime, I picked up some bok choy recently to whet my appetite gained from her baby bok choy and tofu recipe. So simple, yet so right…

This profile might be slightly old news by now, but thanks to a full fridge stocked with leftovers (I was assigned to make two trays of lasagna for an upcoming Food Network show Ask Aida – more on that bit when it airs in August), I haven’t been eating much interesting lately. Though I did at least curb the vending machine cravings – thanks all for your great suggestions and sympathy! 


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  1. Dr. Food

    Eerie moment when I discovered the two blogs I check daily have made contact.

  2. Sarah

    This must mean that we both know Noah Starr — weird!!!

  3. Alison

    I found your site while parusing food related blogs. I am working at the Dinner Tonight blog ( and was hoping to get some feedback from other food bloggers on what they thought of the site. If you get a minute and can check it out, I’d love to hear your thoughts, either via email ([email protected]) or in the comments section. Also, where do you get most of your recipes from?
    Alison S.

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