Not with the ‘Times’

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Unlike an earlier wave of food blogs focused on home cooking, recipes and basic restaurant recommendations, the new breed is gossipy and competitive; it trafficks in pointed restaurant criticism and tidbits of news — Craftsteak has installed a new stove!

Whatever, New York Times. I’d rather be cooking at my tiny stove than trumpeting the most hoity-toity restaurant news, and reading the other article in the Magazine section on the American-Taiwanese-Hunanese roots of that ubiquitous dish “General Tso’s Chicken” anyway. (sniff)

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  1. Meg Fortino

    I’m with you — I’d rather read your website than restaurant news. I cook. I like to eat out, but I mostly like to eat in and find your recipes to be helpful.

  2. Yvo

    LOL… sorry but I didn’t realize I wasn’t the only one to feel a bit miffed at the article. I think the NYT pissed off/snubbed many more food bloggers than they realize….

    But yeah, I’ve been avoiding reading Eater because it got so gossipy and well, who gives a shit what the latest food trend is- ooh, a $100 burger, what-the-f*ck-ever. Haha.

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