Deviled Eggs


The name of the dish implies a little heat, so it might be a fun experiment to add some chopped, jarred jalepenos in the stuffing. But for now, here’s the recipe that I stick to wholeheartedly, one that never fails.

Deviled Eggs
(makes 20-24 deviled egg halves)

10-12 hard boiled eggs
1/3 cup mayonnaise
2 tbspn yellow mustard
1 scallion, finely chopped
1/8 tspn salt
Dash black pepper

Once hard boiled eggs have cooled, carefully remove the shells. Slice each egg lengthwise with a shark knife, making clean halves. This can also be achieved with a thread of dental floss. Drop yolks into a bowl and set the whites hole side-up. Mix mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, and scallion with the yolks until blended well. Fill holes with yolk mixture. For a fancier presentation, pipe egg stuffing through a sheet of waxed paper twirled into a cone, with the end snipped off with scissors–makes a quick, disposable pastry tool, too.

Cost Calculator

1 dozen eggs: $1.29
1 scallion (in bunch of 6 for $0.99): $0.22
1/3 cup mayonnaise: ≈ $0.10
2 tbspn mustard: ≈ $0.10

Total: ≈ $1.71

Health Factor

Three brownie points – you’ll gain some protein from this appetizer, for the cost of minimal fats and some cholesterol.

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  1. njide

    i love this site it is soooooooooo informative when it comes to preparing receipes. if ever in chicago check us out. i am going to try your dishes tonite at least 2.

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  3. Dasia

    I love deviled eggs and this recipe is so easy to make that’s why i love this website.

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  8. Robert Keesee

    The recipe looks great except i would probably benefit from a Tablespoon of sweet of dill relish (all depending upon your taste). My I suggest you try it at least once before you say no?

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