I Won!

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Thanks, Cube-Side, for naming Not Eating Out In New York “Blog of the Week”! And for this nifty crest, which I get to keep on here for a week. Or forever.

The Way to Shop

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I meant to mention this cute article that was in the NY Times a week or so ago called “In Search of Grocery Gems.”  In it, the author Julia Moskin discourses on a full cart-sized selection of packaged food products, finding most of them to be unsatisfactory, unhealthy, but a few of them, “gems.”  Moskin does an admirable job of filtering out items with high fructose corn syrup and dismissing them–some surprising culprits including most of the cracker shelf.  The items that she applauds, however, such … Read More

The Last Barbecue of the Summer

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My friends Richard and Sam are my only local friends whose apartment has an actual yard with grass, a pretty spacious one, too. So naturally, they host barbecues all summer long. The last one I went to I was so busy preparing not one but two trays of homemade dumplings–veggie ones and pork–that I ended up getting there late, tired, and in the middle of a hot July, not even hungry. This weekend, I brought to their place the least … Read More

Eating Out in LA & Oregon

I didn’t think it was going to be that difficult to travel without a laptop, and post blogs. But the west coast didn’t prove to be as cyber-friendly as I had hoped. That, and I wasn’t trying too hard because I was on vacation, and was very, very busy eating out. For the record, I didn’t go out there to check out Kerry Simon’s new LA restaurant or the Wolfgang Puck Express, but I went to LA to visit my … Read More

Chicken or Beef?

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I’ve had this theory that most people prefer chicken to beef, at least on an everyday, low-key, or eating just-by-yourself basis—but that it’s a really close call. Think of it, when you were a kid, you probably preferred poultry. It’s milder, and less variable to the cut, preparation, etc. Now that Tyson is the nation’s largest beef producer in addition to poultry producer after their acquisition of IP Beef about a year ago, beef now trumps chicken in their overall … Read More

Report from Jamaica

ackee fruit My brother just came back from visiting his girlfriend who’s interning in Kingston, Jamaica for the summer. It sounds like a pretty groovy way to build your resume, but considering it was in the city’s public health administration, it may have been a little more involved than buying shell necklaces and lounging on the beach listening to reggae. I wish I had more to tell about an area I find really fascinating, but since I wasn’t there I … Read More

Shark Under Attack

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More on the topic of eating rays and shark-like things, Yao Ming recently stepped up to the plate (darn, wrong sport!) on the topic of wildlife preservation, vowing not to eat shark fin soup. He joins environmentalists who condemn the overfishing of sharks, whose fins are mainly prepared in the traditional, highly expensive delicacy in Chinese cuisine, shark fin soup. Eating shark fin soup has, for thousands of years, denoted a status of wealth and prestige, commonly served at weddings … Read More

Ate a Skate

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I’m still counting down to officially not eating out in New York (or anywhere else, for that matter), pending on my creation of the real website for this blog. So in the meantime, I succumbed to having a dinner out, more or less to escape the heat we’ve had this weekend and eat in a climate that I actually feel hungry in. I went to Dumont with two friends, who both ordered the skirt steak. I wasn’t particularly craving a … Read More

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