Reason for Not Eating Out #4: Zen

Blogs Adam on The Amateur Gourmet after trekking up to Sarabeth’s on Central Park South for a brunch of a single waffle that cost $14: “That’s an outrageous amount of money to pay for a can of pumpkin mixed with flour and egg and sugar and plopped into a waffle iron, flipped on to a plate and topped with sour cream and honey and pumpkin seeds and strawberries. But it’s an indulgence that seems to be worth indulging in. We … Read More

Reason for Not Eating Out #3: Waste

I was looking through some old notes I’d scribbled down several months ago, and almost laughed out loud when I read this: “Today’s gripe is about how some take-out places add filler to your dishes in the form of peeled, chopped broccoli stems. Now I love including broccoli stems in dishes with broccoli crowns already in them; and it’s a good thing these restaurants all know that stems are only really edible once you strip off the tougher layer of … Read More

Reason for Not Eating Out in New York #2: Mystery Illnesses

It’s now been almost two months since I began this blog and hence, not eating out in New York. My first taste of restaurant food when I landed in Los Angeles last week during vacation was an awkward reintroduction, to say the least. We went to a less-than-great Shanghai-style restaurant, and for the rest of the evening I had a battle with stomach cramps. Mind you, I never get sick from eating out. I’ve eaten plenty of street meat, any … Read More

Reason for Not Eating Out in New York #1: Gimmicks

One of the reasons I don’t eat out anymore: gimmicks that restaurants think are worth a damn but that even the staff doesn’t expect you to buy into. I went to The Living Room last night to see one of my favorite local bands, Matty Charles and the Valentines, who was playing with Austin and Kristin, and Gloria Deluxe. Austin and Kristin totally blew me away. They sounded more polished and professional than anything I’ve seen live in a long … Read More

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