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June 30, 2017 – “This Company Wants to Bring Soil-Free Farming to Restaurant Kitchens”
April 5, 2012 – “Chicken-Rearing and Taco Night with Cathy Erway”

Civil Eats
March, 2016 – “Beyond Talk: Searching For Real Solutions to Food Appropriation”
July, 2014 – “Start It Up: Report From Food + Tech Connect’s Hack//Dining Hackathon”
June, 2014 – “Fresh Picks: Two Books Explore the Edible Wild”
April 2014 – “5 Things the Girl Scouts Can Do to Step Up Their Food Game”
March 2014 – “Tartine Baker Goes Pre-Industrial With Book No. 3”
May 2013 – “Can Big Food Do Good?”
May 2013 – “More Than a CSA: Good Eggs Comes to Brooklyn”

Edible Manhattan
Summer 2016 –Meal Kit Delivery’s Packaging Problem”
Spring 2012 – “Where A Tower Was Tabled, A Farm Took Root” 

Edible Brooklyn
March 28, 2017 – “For Most New Yorkers, This White Swiss-Style Sausage Is A Novel Sensation”
July 2016 – “At This Trade Show, a Taste of Craft Food From Across the Country”
April, 2016 – “A Cookbook to Help You Harness Your CSA Share”
January 2016 – “How Does An Artisanal Food Business Grow While Keeping Its Cred?”
Winter 2015 – “My Dad’s Apple Pie, with a Side of My Mom’s Soy Sauce and Rice”
Fall 2014 – “Made In Taiwan: A Brooklyn Cookbook Author Goes to the Source”
Winter 2009 – “Notable Edibles: Sweet Streets”
Fall 2009 – “Notable Edibles: When Canning Became Cool”
Summer 2009 – “Bragging Rights: At kitchen smack-downs, Brooklyn cooks get their game on”

The Kitchn
March 2015 – A Whole Week of Budget Dinners (That Use Up Every Bit of Leftovers)

Lucky Peach
Feb 16, 2015 – “The History of Taiwanese Ba Wan”

Serious Eats – Contributor and “Taiwan Eats” columnist, exploring authentic dishes from the beautiful island 2013-2014.

The Huffington Post – My blog on green living, food news, cooking and agriculture, sometimes cross-posted from here.

The L Magazine & BKmag.com – Food and Drink Contributor from 2005-2014.

Paper Magazine
July 2013 – “All the Grange”
May 2013 –  “The New Foodieodicals”

ECO-Centric Blog – Contributor for “Real Food & How to Cook It Now” column.

MarkBittman.com – Contributor.

Nona Brooklyn – 2010-2013 Contributor on seasonal ingredients, local farmers, and artisanal food makers with a passion for sustainable food.

Beer Advocate – 2011-2013 Columnist for monthly print magazine on craft beer.

Saveur.com – “The Farm,” A blog about small, sustainability-oriented farms and a fetching seasonal ingredient from them.

November 2012 – “My First Thanksgiving: Cooking for the master”

November 2012 – “NYC’s urban farms face a climate change reality-check”
November 2012 – “Thanksgiving, From Scratch: Green bean casserole”; “Pumpkin pie”; “Maple-glazed sweet potatoes”
March 2012 – “Eggs: The Poor Man’s Protein”
January 2012 – “With meat, absence makes the taste buds grow fonder”

Brooklyn Based
August 5, 2010 – “The Best Urban Gardening Method You’re Not Using”
June 16, 2009 – “Not So Vacant Lots”
November 20, 2008 – “Fashion For Your Feast”
November 5, 2008 – “Where to Get Your Gobble Gobble”
October 7, 2008 – “How to Win a Brooklyn Cook-Off”

Brooklyn Bread – A print magazine where I wrote a regular column, “Try This At Home!”, about a certain dish, a Brooklyn restaurant that makes it, and how to try it out at home.

Etsy blog
April 19, 2010 – “Food From Scratch: A little craftiness in the kitchen goes a long way”

Time Out New York
February 11, 2010 – “Valentine’s Day cooking with Cathy Erway” Part I and Part II

The New York Times Room For Debate blog
March 20, 2009: “Food, Glorious Food Myths”

Time Out New York
February 10, 2009: “Restaurants in beta: 1 Dominick”

The Reeler
November 16, 2007 – “Zen Can Cook”
October 11, 2007 – “King Corn crops up in NYC”
July 26, 2007 – “No Reservations, and Even Less Fluff”
June 20, 2007 – “Meals on Reels”


September 17, 2007 – “Beyond broccoli”
July 26, 2007 – “MattBites leads a food blogging class in New York”

Block Magazine
December 20, 2006 –“Leave the Kitsch at Home